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Shortly after leaving university Sophie gained a residency at

a monumental bronze foundry. This experience and close working

relationship to the craftsmen has given Sophie a fundamental

grasp and knowledge of the process that has always set her

aside from her peers and this is evident in her work. She is

constantly pushing and exploring the capabilities of bronze as

a medium.



“ I feel a real affinity to bronze. I have always loved using  bronze as a medium.

I find although it’s a material that is hard, static and has permanence it also has a life about it, it is changeable; it will change with the elements. I’m constantly excited about the capabilities of bronze. It has the beauty of being strong and durable. It is also though surprisingly forgiving and malleable in that it can be manipulated, re-formed and welded. The modern advances in chemicals also allow the bronze to have any coloration or patination that you could possibly think of.I find it hard to imagine the day when I tire of using this material. To me it has such endless scope and possibility”

Sophie is passionate about all areas of quality and accuracy

when it comes to creating every sculpture. This is why Sophie

has entrusted all of her casting to Sculpture Castings a

foundry renowned for exceptional castings.



Since the beginning of her career Sophie has used Sculpture

Castings foundry based in Basingstoke.

Sculpture Castings foundry is quickly gaining a reputation as

one of the leading bronze foundries in the country. It is

producing work of exceptional quality which is thoroughly

trusted by renowned contemporary artists such as David

Williams Ellis, Charlie Langton, Dominica de Ferranti and Simon


Many of the craftsmen working at the foundry have roots

stemming from the world-renowned Morris Singer foundry

originally based in Basingstoke. These craftsmen produced

large-scale works for famous artists such as Henry Moore,

Elizabeth Frink and Barbara Hepworth. Some of the longer serving

craftsmen at Sculpture Castings have worked with these

artists for many years during their career demonstrating

unprecedented skill and experience. The beauty of this is that

such wisdom has been passed down and now runs in the veins of

the younger generation of craftsmen at Sculpture Castings.



"The relationship I have with Sculpture Castings is not

limited to my work. I also highly value and have great respect

for the quality of work produced. I have been extremely lucky

to have met such an inspiring, talented group of people at the

very beginning of my career. I am truly thankful for their

support, real friendship and willingness to pass on their

skill and wisdom to me so readily. This has, without doubt,

greatly enhanced the progression and direction of my work. I

truly believe that I couldn’t have developed as an artist

without all of their generosity and belief in me.



I love the idea that all of the craftsmen I respect have all

had a role in my work. In a unique way, they have instilled

every piece with an intangible personal connection and

history. This notion perhaps is not relevant to everyone and

may not even be considered by some viewers of a piece of my

sculpture, To me it is a  important part of the process

and a vital element of what I love about being an artist,

especially one who works with bronze.”

The Ancient Lost-Wax Process

Casting a sculpture using the lost wax process is intricate,

fascinating and complicated. For many it is easier to

appreciate and understand the Lost-Wax process through

pictures rather than words. The link below is a short video

showing the casting process

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